Need More Info On The Mitsumi CR48XETE 48x/12x/48 (sold under the name Medion (Aldi))

Hoi i got my hands on this drive sold in Aldi under the name Medion, After opening it says on the yellow label
Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd.
CR-48XETE 48X/12X/48X
Manufactured 2002/09
F:482R P:0.98

So if anybody can give me more info on overclocking and if it does safedisc 1/2.xx etc… ThX

anyway i need to know what protections i can backup with this drive and if i can upgrade it

(i got this drive from a guy who bought it and his brother bought also a drive for him so, i bought it from him for around 50 Euro, because he already trew away the box and al the rest)


The CR485CTE has one sheep for correct EFM encoding. All other Mitsumi writers have none. 48x not included (likely it has 1 sheep also)