Need more help with dvd2oneX

Right then… i’ve managed to rip the retail dvd thru dvdbackup and then processed that thru dvd2oneX (comes up about the 30 mins thing), I have then done the video and audio stuff and put it thru toast to burn it as you would a usual dvd but when I put the finished dvd in my standalone’s (which I have 4 of) it wont recognise!! Please help!

Did you try to play the Video_TS generated by DTOX with the Apple DVD Player? Always do that before you burn to disc. If the file plays on the Mac, then it is more than likely that it could be the media, or maybe your DVD players cannot play DVD-R discs.:eek:

Are you putting the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories into another directory (the movie name, all caps, for example) and then dragging that directory into Toast?

Also, are you sure you’re burning with the DVD option selected in Toast? as opposed to burning a DATA DVD???

just some thoughts


Yes mate I am doing all that properly. It burns it fine but wont play on my standalones. Works fine in the mac tho. Any more help? Do you think it might be because its the demo with 30mins only ie a non finalised disc?:a

Do you have the demo version and still getting trouble using DVD2oneX?

The demo does indeed make a 30 minute disc but closes the sessions correctly.
Are you sure your standalone player can handle the brand of DVD’s your burning on??

of course I am!! I have tried everything!!! Please help!!!

Any other ideas? If I risked it and bought the full version do you think it would work ok? This is doing my head in now.

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Maybe I could help ya.

You can scream that you’ve done everything like it should be, but you have not. Because with the demo you CAN make a working half-hour DVD. (movie only). And many other Mac users have also burned the demo succesfully. There is NO difference with the full version concerning compatibility. What I have done so far:
Ripped the DVD with DVD backup 1.3
Made a new folder naming f.i. MINORITY_REPORT (mind the capitals!)
Started DVD2one and selected the options.
Click ‘START’ and select (f.i.) MINORITY_REPORT folder and mark the ‘Create VIDEO_TS folder’
Forget about the AUDIO_TS folder. Normally you don’t need it.
If DVD2one is ready close the app and start Toast Titanium 5.x
Select the DVD option (tab other) and drag the MINORITY_REPORT folder to Toast window and burn the DVD on a compatibel DVD-R disk.
If your standalone a capable of playing DVD-R you MUST see the movie. On my Sony player it starts right away. On my Pioneer i must press play.

That is exactly what I have been doing except I have been putting the AUDIO_TS folder in. I am trying it with Spiderman. I will try it with a differant film this evening but I bet the same will happen. I have 4 standalones, one of which is a Panasonic dvd recorder which plays everything which is why I am confused about this. Thanks for your reply tho.

Before you start burning:
trash the prefs of Toast. (home - library -preferences- com.roxio.Toast.plist)
repair permissions. (disk utility)
If you have a DVD-RW disk, use it. Otherwise you keep making coasters. The standalones should play RW also.

nope, still no joy. Going to bin it now and download it again to see if that makes a differance!? Is it better to use oseX? I have tried using this but it is very, very slow so I binned it and opted for the dvd 1.3 one. Has anybody else had this problem or am I alone (or just stupid LOL)?

Trash the prefs of DVD2one first if you start using a new one. OSex is too slow. And you don’t need it. You said the VIDEO_TS folder from dvd backup 1.3 was playing like a charm. So it must be something else. If both the ripped and the dvd2one VIDEO_TS folder is playing just fine in dvd player. it must be the burn stage. What media do you use? Burn speed? OSX version? RAM?

Running osx 10.2.6 (latest as of last week) Burning onto datawrite media at 2x speed with pioneer 104 (superdrive). Its got me puzzled!! Will try downloading the software again when I get home from work tonight and let you know how I get on. The Datawrite discs work fine in all my standalones when burnt on a pc so I know its not them.

The success of DVD burning is always a combination of burner, media and burn-speed. The fact that a PC can make a succesful DVD with the datawrite media doesn’t mean that the Mac, with a different burner and software, makes the same DVD’s. Beg, steal or borrow a Maxell or Pioneer or Apple DVD-R and try again. But only if the VIDEO_TS folder, made by DVD2one, is playing OK with DVD-Player in the Mac.

Thank you for everyones help on this matter! I have finally got it to work!! All I had to do was click ‘New DVD’ in the toast menu and drag the VIDEO_TS folder across! Dunno why but creating AUDIO_TS folder and naming main folder as films title in capitals just didnt work?? But hey, it works now! Thanks again to everyone replying to my thread!!!


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Gilford, if you don’t click “New DVD” before dragging the VIDEO_TS folder into the toast window, you end up with a dvd named “VIDEO_TS” with all the ifo and vob files at the root level of the DVD.

The VIDEO_TS folder must be a subfolder of the DVD.

But you figured it out, and that is all that matters.

I see someone else did the Data DVD mistake. I’ve done that one before too. Plays fine on the Mac, but gurfs on set-tops.