Need more help on backing up safe disc 2.51 with Lite-On 48x

I have been trying to copy safe disc 2.51 for a about a week now. I have a liteon 48x newest firmware,clony,blindwrite just cant seem to make a good backup. i also have a plex 24x which drive do i have the best shot with? All my clony settings are correct as far as i know. PLease if anyone knows anything please reply with any info that will help. Thank you

disable AWS on your LITE-ON when you burn an image.
Faillure corection: hardware
retries: 0

have a look here;

Your lite-on should do the job quite easily.

I would suggest using clonecd instead of blindwrite (nothing against blindwrite-just that ccd has done the job for me most of the times). Use the default game profile (AWS off) and you should get a working backup.

Plextor unfortunately can not do perfect EFM encoding, therefore they are having difficulties in making 1:1 backups that work in all drives

gonna try out those settings… thanks guys

or try using CD - Mate, as i do without failures …

Dark4orz are you using a lite-on drive?

i used cd mate to make a backup of mobile forces (safedisk 2.51 )and it only gave me a partial copy then i tried clonyxxl with the settings passed on to clonecd 4 and i got 100% copy that is using my liteon 40x.have u tried reading from the plex and writing to the liteon?