Need more help lol!

hey im having some really stupid problems. I have clone cd 4 and prob about a year ago I made a copy of AoE2 which has always worked perfectly. Yet, now im trying to burn it but I can’t. I can’/t remember the settings I used when I burnt it because I had learned of profiles and crap after that so now I actually sorta no what im doing. Also, i just cant seem to burn might and MAGIC 7. Any help would be great. Thanx !

Aoe2:Aok is Safedisc 2… Use the FES setting for it. Oh wait a sec.
Use the protected game cd…Oh by the way did you try using the search…

try this if you cant figure it out


thanx for the info (even tho i got the profiles long time ago) but it doesnt seem like thats the prob. When i try to get the clone cd goin its goin at like .01 per sec so it takes like 3 hours to read. If u got any ideas again it would help. Thanx