Need Mitsumi CD-RW Firmare!

Does anyone have any links or info that will help me get a firmware upgrade for an old Mitsumi CR-48XCTE CD-RW drive?

Not seen for “CTE”.

Well I have to say coming the forums was nearly a last resort as I can’t find the firmware anywhere on planet earth.

Here you should find what you are looking for

So close…
Error: No Device Could be Detected
What?? The drive is fully detected by the BIOS and the OS and is listed clearly in the properties as Mitsumi CR-48XCTE.
But, for some reason the 48XCTE firmware utility doesn’t detect it…

I did, however, notice that the print label on the drive itself says
Mitsumi CR-489CTE

Maybe you have an OEM drive, please post the DISCINFO output.

Where can I find that?