Need MAJOR help with HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B

First, ignore this thread if you’re fatigued or impatient cuz this will be a long(winded) post.

I bought a dvd-burner with a product model as mentioned above. (4163B). Being a PC idiot, i asked the man at the shop to install the burning software, which is a nero product, for me. With that, i was able to burn data onto a blank dvd, cd, virtually anything onto a disc media with this dvd burner.

Then, the worst happened.

Deleted a few startup files by mistake, screwed XP, and reformatted the whole PC.

I immediately reinstalled my burning software, which is nero express and prayed to god that this optical drive would work. My Prayers were 1/2 answered.

Now, this drive can only READ, but can’t WRITE. I was like :rolleyes:

A few things to note.

1- I was burning data DVDs with nero startsmart. but i realized that it isn’t on the installation disc supplied. Am i seeing things? :rolleyes:
2- Haven’t tried burning a data CD. I lost hope for that.
3- Hasn’t installed any plugins, firmware, etcetc

So now, any1 knows how to retrieve my (previous) burning software, which is NeroStartSmart, when it’s not even on my software installation disc supplied? I’ve got plenty of data to burn, and now, i can only read, but not write DVD/CD. :a

Also, after reformatting, do i need to reinstall any plugins, firmware things?

oh yea running on this machine.
P4 2.6 HT
80 gb HDD
1024 mb ram
64mb intel extreme graphics

someone help me. i’m at a loss now. :rolleyes: is a really old versio of nero. Version 7 is with us, and as far as I am aware, smartstart was part of version 6! probably doesn’t know what to do with your drive as it (the drive) is too new. You will really need a more recent version. Try downloading the version 6 demo from

You will need to reinstall plug-in that aren’t a part of the default Windows install, but firmware should not eed upgrading; drivers however may need reinstalling…
Right-Click My Computer and select Manage…, click on Device Manager, and look for anything with an exclamation mark next to it - the driver needs installing for such devices.

good luck,


Thanks for your valuable advice. However, i’ve got a few questions here.

1- I can’t find any trial versions of nero later than my supplied 1. Am I the only 1?

2- Anyone knows if any other dvd burning software is compatible with this hardware?

Thanks to all for putting up with my longwindedness. <— New invented word.

Go to, click on Downloads at the top, then Nero 6, Trial versions, Nero 6 Reloaded, etc.


Trial version no longer available, guess you will have to wait a while for the new trial version to appear.

If you can’t get Nero try some free burning software.

I haven’t tried it but have heard some favourable reports on Burn4free which you can get at.

Sounds like your PC guy updated the software, or installed some of his own.

BUT, if the Nero disc you have is actually the one that came with the burner, it should still work with it, regardless of the dated version. I wonder if he gave you an old CD by mistake, many people have dozens of them lying around. If you bought an OEM drive, it might not have come with a CD at all. :confused:

Let’s assume that it is the correct CD for the drive. What actually happens when you open Nero and try to burn?

Nothing. Everything is greyed out. I might post a screenshot later. I’m truly freaked out now. Gimme a min to calm down.

Also, the box specifically noted these software supplied.

Nero Express (CD/DVD Recording Software)*
Nero BackItUp*
PowerProducer Gold
Power DVD

Those with an * indicated is what i had seen on my software installation disk. Obviously, that nut forgot about my other software >.>

Emailed LG 'bout my problem, but no reply :rolleyes:

Someone help me. :bow:

Which tells us exactly nothing. What is “greyed out”? If the drive is not recognised by Nero, in other words if it’s not showing as the available burner, then you have the wrong software version for the LG. Suggest you post the screenshot.

I seem to have the exact same problem. When I go into the drivers it seems to only recognise the drive as a DVD-ROM, as opposed to a writer. Before we rebuilt the computer recently it was working fine, but since the rebuild it suddenly no longer will burn Cd’s and DVD’s, however it will read off of them.

I have the same LG CD that has PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold, Nero Express, In CD…

Its very frustrating.

Have you got any other burning programs installed?

If you have windows Xp have you tried the System File Checker utility to see if you have vital windows files damaged. (To Use SFC insert your Windows XP disc in your drive and click START button - then choose RUN - then type sfc.exe /scannow and it will replace damaged system files or files that have been replaced with older versions. Then reboot and see if it works and identifies the drive properly which in device manager will be classed under DVD/CD ROM Drives as a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B.