Need Major Help, Clone CD Problems

Alright this is my first post and i am having a major problem.

My computer specs:

Windows 98 SE( Best OS btw ) , 600MHZ, 512Ram, ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI, Direct X 9(Lastest Version) , 20GB, Dvd Combo Drive and Normal CD Drive.

Anyway, i have been using clone cd for years, since 2003 i think. And just now , 3 days ago, for some reason i cant burn CCD files anymore. I am burning a game for backup reasons, only because the real game has so many marks on it, it wont read in my computer, it only plays on my ps-one, but not in the computer , so i made a choice to download a copy of it.

I can erase data from CD-rw’s from clone cd, but some reason clone cd wont read the disc in my Combo Drive anymore, now bare in mind this just happen 3 days ago. I put in a blank Disc and when i click on Write from File or something like that, i look for a CCD file, but it wont read it anymore.

Infact i also used Ultra ISO and i have the same problem, but the problem started with CLone CD, and it seems like i cant Burn CCD files anymore.