Need Mager Help Big Problem



i have a big problem when burning a dvd movie… like i download it off the net and its saved on my computer but when i burn it to a dvd+R … it plays and every thing but the word get mix out of place… like it’ll talk but the mouth doesnt move till a few seconds after… why am i having this problem any help? any program or any thing that any one recommands to fix this problem?
“in another word The audio is out of sync”

what i’m using right now…
-super dvd convertor 9.25 (i use it to convert avi files to dvd files and also burns)

is there any thing i can do to fix the problem i’m having please let me know or e-mail me at blu3dragon619(at)yahoo(dot)com

please help me…


Are you downloading these from a respectable paid site? If not, you don’t know what you might be getting.


The audio is out of sync, that’s the easy way to describe it :slight_smile:

I would try out some other conversion programs and see if they can handle it better, as this is something relating to the program that’s converting the DVDs. You can also play back the files on your computer before burning to check them, so that you don’t have to waste a DVD.

Here’s one good list, I haven’t tried any of them myself though.


yea thanks i just found this out about playing back to check the dvd thing but i wasted like over 50 dvd cd already xD bummer… but i mean will other program fix this? like will covertXtodvd work?


Assuming that the original files that you have downloaded play back with the audio in sync, then the Super DVD Converter program that you are using is creating the audio sync issues during the conversion - some programs are better than others at handling some of the more advanced encoded files. So I would try another program and see how that does. Just looking through the list, I might give FAVC a try.


i just tryed it but i also need to get another program with it?


A lot of them need a separate video encoder installed that they use. Just checked and it says it uses QuEnc, which is a freeware MPEG2 encoder. Install that and link to that encoder in FAVC so it knows where to find it.


ok i got it to work but it said this in the command promp… “no accelerated IMDCT transform found” so what does that mean?


I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.


i have a question… after i finish the converting … why is there no sound… i cant hear any thing? any help?


Hmm, maybe you should google the bit about IMDCT and see if there’s any connection, as I do think that that message is audio related. You could also try some of the other programs such as TheFilmMachine and AVI2DVD.


i mean could it be the setting cause i didnt change any thing and what does “retain if present” mean anyways cause that was ticked when i checked the audio option tab…


Retain if present likely means that it does not re-encode the audio in the original file. It may not be DVD Video compatible though so maybe try redoing it with it set to re-encode the audio.


well what program do you use i mean if you got every thing to work then you must have it down … wanna share so info maybe it could help me out a little


Honestly I don’t really do these kinds of conversions, so I’m just speaking from general knowledge, I don’t have specific experience with this program. What video I have downloaded I rarely do any conversion to - I have a DVD player that will play some MPEG4/DIVX/XVID files. So many new and better programs have been introduced even in the past year or two since I can recall having done an AVI to DVD conversion. I’ll check what I have on my computer if I have something that might work well. The last couple of times I’ve looked into new video encoders, I tried out many different ones and settled on one or two that I liked, but the last time I did this it was for a DVD to AVI conversion, not AVI to DVD.

P.S. - I have used AVI2DVD but it’s been awhile like I said, give that a try.


To get help you should first answer the question posted by a moderator and not irgnoring it. :bigsmile:


i did try most of the program that he told me to try… and i’m still trying right now as we speak… so far nothing yet… but hopefuly i’ll find one that helps but thanks to all those that helped me out…