Need LTC48161H firmware help

I need help BAD, I have two liteon LTC 48161H Combo drives. I installed the latest firmware KHOP on one of these drives now it wont read CDRW’s. I want to go back to KHOM and cant seem to find the older flash in the .exe format, I found it in the BIN format but cant seem to get it to flash. Can some one PLEASE send me KHOM.exe PLEASE. Or tell me where to find it ive looked everwhere on the web.

If you got bin why not flash it with for instance mtk winflash for example. Or have you already tried that to no avail?
(get it at

I already tried i had to use a windows based drive unlock program to get it back to KHON.exe … but i can get it to unlock for a .bin I really need the KHOM.exe unless you know some trick that i dont
btw thanks for the fast reply

Flashing back to an older firmware will not help. Just a tip.

If you can’t get it to flash, then you should try another method.

yes it will reflash with flashfix…i just need the KHOM.exe file does anyone have it?