Need Low Price DVD Burner Purchase Advice

:doh: I need a new DVD burner and I’m limited on cash. I am going shopping today, and I would like to know which burners to avoid in the lower price range. It would be nice to find a list of the burners on the market today, with some kind of rating on each one. I searched the internet, but could only find info about the newest and best. (Wish I could afford to go that way. It would be easier for sure.) Does anyone know of a place I could find an avoid list? Or does anyone have any advice for someone in my situation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :bow: PS I’m in Toledo, Ohio USA

Hi :slight_smile:
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Useful to say where you are. (Country at least).

Your best bet is You will be satisfied with a Pioneer 111, a BenQ 1655, an LG 4167, or a Liteon (as long as you get the test firmware for the -R lead in problem).

These drives are all under $50 and almost always hard to find at a regular store.

Avoid BTC and Plextor (price) and Samsung, and AOpen and Optorite. Many brand names such as HP and Sony use various different drives so you should avoid these as you are overpaying for someone else’s drive and you won’t be sure what you get.