Need lots of help

ok i have not ever burned any thing before but i catchon pretty fast most of the time. i got
dvd decrypter
dvd shrink
and i am stuck after that. i was told that dvd decrypter is a burner so i tryed to burn from that and it does not recognize any thing in the folder that the movie went to so if any one can see where i have went wrong pls let me know. or if you have better ideas of free prog that i can use that will make this much easier let me have it. and thanks


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DVD Decrypter will only burn images so in DVD Shrink you select that as the output type.

An additional program to use is ImgBurn which will enable you to burn the folders created by DVD Shrink.

ok maybe i am crazy or something else but i got all of those programs running and i got the dvdshrink prefrences opened and the tab that says output files gives these options:
remove macrovision protection
remove p-uops(prohibited user operations)
remove layer break
split vob files into 1GB size chunks(recommended)
logical remapping of enabled streams

then there is a file I/O tabe with these options:
enable overlapped I/O - this may increase ripping performance
read 32kb blocks(default is 64kb)
check rpc2 drive region code when opening a dvd

enable burning with nero
always erase non emty rw media without promting

so whitch ones is the ones that you where talking about i dont understand. sorry and thanks

:slight_smile: Xilisoft DVD Copy Express can help you , you should download it at , hope it can help you .

It’s not there , it’s when you start the process by clicking on “Backup” you get another screen up where you select the target device. Select “Iso Image file” from the first drop down & then folder & file name from the second.

when doing the iso do you still get menues

Yes, there’s no difference there.

One thing though, you need to be using the NTFS file system rather than FAT32 as the images produced will break the 4GB limit of FAT32.

so what do i use to shrink with then couse my dvdshrink now says failed to open video_ts.ifo the system cannot find the file specified…btw thanks for giveing so much help so far

Are you just trying to backup up an existing DVD disc or files that have been ripped to the hard drive by DVD Decrypter & Ripit4Me?

ok i have like a ton of dvds and i got one dvd/cd burner/rom and i rather make a copy of them of if the copy gets mest up i dont have to go out and buy the dvd all over again. with that said yes i do own the dvd and i riped it decryted it and then tryed to run the shrink and it had this message:
failed to open video_ts.ifo the system cannot find the file specified

The ripping & decrypting is a single step really but you must rip the whole movie in File mode. Check the settings for file mode , it should say “all” & not main movie.

Hi, I’m also wondering…are you starting off with Ripit4Me, or skipping that and ripping straigth with DVD Decrypter? If it is a newer movie you are trying to back up you will need to use Ripit4Me (which automatically launches DVD Decrypter). I found shrink wouldn’t open some of mine due to some of the protections still being in place. Good luck.

In my sig. under guides there is a animated Tutorial Using FixVts,DvD Decryter + DvD Shrink. The guide is a little old but you while get the point once all the software being used is updated.

If the animated tutorial is not for you, download the most current zipped guide in PDF form.

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