Need LiteOn SOHW832S eeprom



I just messed up big time. I just got a new SOHW-832S not long ago and decided I was finally going to play with the LDW-401S to 411S patch. After trying to run the procedure it did not work so I went to flash the eeprom and flash of the 401S to the originals. I seem to have accidentally written the eeprom to my SOHW-832S, making it useful only as a cupholder now.

Please, can anyone offer any help? Can anyone provide an 832S eeprom, is there a way to “redetect” the calibration data for the laser or did I just irreversably toast a $60 drive?

Well, at least I got the 401S working again.



Yep your drive is now “toast”, the EEPROM contains unique calibration data specific to that drive, using that data from someone else drive may seem to get yours going again but in reality it most likely will not burn very successfully if at all. You can sometimes get away with it with a CD burner but they are not as complicated as a DVD burner, sorry :sad:

By the way this forum doesn’t allow the requesting of EEPROMs so this thread will be undoubtedly be closed very shortly.


sorry to add to an about to be closed thread but im interested in the reason as to why somebody elses EEPROM wouldnt work as i was under the impression the EEPROM was a 1Kb file and can be flashed clean in the case of the 832s etc, wouldnt it be possible to use somebody elses EEPROM then just reset it? well obviously not but i’d like to read up on this problem so if anybody can throw me a link on this issue i’d appreciate it :iagree:


Yes it is against the forum rules to request EEPROMS. Please read the rules and policies before posting on the forum. :wink:

There’s not much published on the internals of the EEPROM for the same reason one is not allowed to request an EEPROM. The reason for this is because unlike the firmware, if the EEPROM is damaged, it’s the end if the line for the drive, so we don’t want people playing with it. That’s why we wrote the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility[/thread] to automate any EEPROM changes.

The laser calibration data is quite seperate to the data that is cleared by the EEPROM Utility. Once this is lost the chances of finding an EEPROM with the same calibration is very remote. Sorry Marauder1024…that’s why it’s so important to have a backup…