Need Lite-On iHAS422 Enclosure

Hi I’m planning on buying this DVD Burner Lite-On iHAS422 from Newegg. Need some help please. What would be the best enclosure for it and the store to buy it so I can buy. I have for one of my DVD Burners (Pioneer DVR-115D) the Nexstar DX. Is Nexstar good for this burner. I appreciate the opinion. Thanks All.

Vantec NST-530S2 (USB2)

Vantec NST-530SU (USB2 + eSATA)

Should the 422 rip at full speed with the 530SU enclosure? Because I have a “422-08 8” and a 530SU, and I can’t seem to rip at more than 4x, even with C0deKing’s firmware.