Need links to good FW sites



Hi guys, wonder if u can help me here. Im trying to collect as many dvd-+rw firmwares as possible (as im sick fed up going to friends to fix there dvds and its always firmware, i need to come all the way home again, PAIN lol).
Anyways, i would like you guys to post links to good firmware sites for offical/rpc1/riplock etc (dvd-+rw).
Going to put it all to a mini dvd and use that for fixing these writers lol.
Hope this question/post aint breaking any rules of the forum??

Why is dangerous brothers down???

Thanks for help, if u can :wink: sasarchiver


Allmost all NEC firmware on my site. See link in my signature.

#3’s firmware collections have been, are, and will continue to be the largest.

Why is dangerous brothers down???

All of is down, including TDB’s site. This is a temporary problem, and things will be back online. Just give it a few more days…


cool, cos there great sites, without these ppl where would we be? stuck with dam tec support :wink:

thanks for the update