Need Links for Philips firmware

I have a Philips DVP642/37 player. After more than a year of good use it began to give me a “No Disc” error last week, first with only some discs, then on discs it previously had run. Following threads here I decided that I should update the firmware. I have already downloaded the “Manual for Philips DVP6xx Player Software Upgrade”. However I cannot locate the suggested firmware version (Version 0531 according to the manual). Philips says there is no firmware available, but clearly from this site, there is. Please suggest a link where I can download the appropriate firmware. Thanks.

Found this site, it appears that no firmware is available at this time, keep the link though for future reference. Is there a way to verify which firmware version you have at this point? Maybe the available firmware is for models in a different region. Still looking.

I have a description, obtained here, for getting the firmware version from some Philips products by going to the the remote control settings, where the firmware version is listed among a long series of codes, for example, FF16f. That procedure is, as far as I can determine, unavailable for the DVP642. I am therefore relegated to using the manual, as described in my initial posting, which says I should use the Version 0531to upgrade a DVP642/37. This zipped file apparently contains two files, dvpxx.rom and dvpxxdv.rom, which after unzipping, I then write to a CD and finally let the player copy to its memory. My problem is that I am unable to find a link to get me Version 05321. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have a rummage in


Thanks for the reply but neither of these sites contain any firmware, but rather images of equipment and manuals.

Any further help would be appreciated, for example how to convince Philips that firmware upgrades are apparently available.


That’s a shame, they used to have firmware stashed away in those folders too.