Need LDW-811S HSOP Firmware

Ok what is happening is my drive cannot appearently read any blank DVD-r media. I am trying to use Memorex 4x DVD-r and TDK 4x DVD-r. It worked fine with the OEM firm ware that it came wit. I am having major problems with the new HSTQ firmware. I rolled it back to the ‘newer’ HSOQ and that is still screwing up. I have read that the HSOP is probably the best firmware for the dvd-r type.

Does someone have this on an FTP server I can get it or just give me a link or email me.

THanks alot,

Pyzonn :confused:

Or even HSOE will work.

Most 811S users in the forum here (not me: I own one but it always produces crap results even with best media… NEC 2500A order placed this evening…) will sugest you to use the HS0K firmware. I tried any firmware from HS0E on and there were only little differences in burning quality. The HS0P fw seems to work best (but still far from good) with my drive though.