Need Latest LITEON SHW-16H5S Firmware

I have A liteon DVD writer and its model is SHW-16H5S02C .
I need the latest Firmware which is available for this Drive.
I hope someone can help.
By the way,is it possible to save the current Firmware version of my DVD drive?
I might need it if any problems occurs.

Best Regards,

Latest liteon firmwares are available here

Select the right burner, and download the firmware :slight_smile:

Crossflash to SHW-1635S to be able to use the latest firmware [B]YS0Z [/B](the SHW-16H5S equivalent [I]LS0Z [/I]has not been released :a)
You will lose the LightScribe functionality and the warranty will be void, but this is the latest official firmware with jitter scanning, HyperTuning and Online HyperTuning . :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can use the latest test firmware for the SHW-16H5S, [B]LV4D /B the latest official firmware for the SHW-16H5S, [B]LS0W [/B](still has the -R lead-in bug, lacks jitter scanning, HT/OHT), or the latest official fimware for the Sony equivalent DW-Q31A, [B]LYS4[/B] (don’t know what this one has).

Thanks for your help.
May I ask you about the way I can CrossFlash this Drive to SHW-1635S?
I mean which software shall be used for this purpose?

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You need a patched firmware, that does not check the hardware. Either you can find already patched firmwares on C0deking’s website, or you patch yourself. In that case, you need official firmware and a tool called flashfix. WARNING: If flashfix reports errors, then do not use that (patched) firmware. In that case, try some older firmware version.

For additional information, you may check the Liteon section, as there are tons of useful articles.


The firmware YS0Z for the SHW-1635S on C0deking’s website does flash, but my SHW-16H/35S just sits there and blinks without doing anything :a
It seems that an EEPROM modification is required. But how can I do it? :confused: