Need informations on a Plextor DVD drive

Hi to all.

Browsing on an on-line seller I find a Plextor DVD-ROM drive marked as Px-130AT3.

Browsing on Plextor site I don’t find any reference to this drive. The only drive listed on Plextor site is Px-130A.

Do someone can help me to find more informations?

What are differences between these drives?

TIA :bow:


same drive

Thanks for your reply rbrtpl

A friend say me that ths drive can be a rebadged one, not an original plextor.

What do you think?

might be

Many thanks rbrtpl :bow: :bow:

I’m thinking to buy this drive :bigsmile:

The Plextor PX-130 I had was a BENQ DVP 1650V OEM.

why buy a dvd-rom just buy a burner(dvd)