Need information on best drive for READING

Are there any informed freaks out there who can point me in the right direction for the best drive to use when READING an image.

(CloneCD image)

SubChannel for securom is a must

Also, is there a way I can tell if my drive is capable of reading subchannel info and safe disc correctly?

I have a pioneer slot load DVD that I am using as my reader, but I just want to know if there was a way to confirm its capabilities.

Why are so many people using tosh DVD players? and Lite-On DVD to read? Are DVD players usually a better drive for reading.

Another thing to bring up, Audio ripping with EAC is also important. I don’t really care how fast, but quality. I rip in secure mode anyway which is slow as dirt.

I am reading articles from CDR-info which is a site that has reviews on drives addressing issues I am concerned about, but I still want actual human feedback.

Afterall, a lab may do tests and get fixed results but wen tested in the field, other issues may arise.


I don’t think, that DVD drives are generally better than “normal” CD-ROM drives, it depends more on the used chipset/firmware.

Toshibas are indeed very good to read subs from SecuRom protected discs. But if you want best results with audio discs in both speed and quality, Plextor definately rules (especially PX-40TS).
If you wanna know, which capabilities your drive has, you have two choices:

1st you can search the internet for databases, and look there for the drive features. Of course, you won’t have any guarantee that the info is valid. Copy protections change, and sometimes a drive could always read a kind of protection and suddenly it fails to read the newest version. Just remember SafeDisc2. I believe, even Olli (who has pretty much know-how) and many other people didn’t think that such a protection is possible, at all.

2nd you can just try it yourself. Get a game which has the protection you want to copy, and see if it works for you.

This is a question dear to my heart too. So far I have found out that the Lite-On DVDs don’t read protected audio well, if at all. Tosh DVDs seem to be preferred by the chaps here and the Elaborate Bytes web site used to have a few lines that suggested Tosh DVDs were better.

I’d also like to get hold of a little grid of info about various models and what they can and can’t do with Protected Audio, Error recovery/skipping and sub-channell reading.

If you find one, please post it ad I’ll do the same.

How is the UltraPleX 40max SCSI drive at reading discs for CloneCD? I checked out their website and it says it reads with bit-by-bit accuracy.

I wonder if this is just for audio or all discs. hmmmmm.

Could this be the magic reader that I will buy? although I usually stay away from SCSI this sounds like a good reader for what I want.

Would this be better than a tosh DVD for a reader? Those are my two main choices right now.