Need info on slow Sony DRU800A Burner

Hi, It’s been a while since I posted anything. I need info on my Sony DVD/CD burner- Model # DRU800A. I bought it on 7/6/05 and installed it in my HP desktop Pavilion PC, Model #521n. It has an AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz processor, 256 MB SDRam Memory, and a 60 GB hard drive. This is now my spare computer. here’s the problem:

Up until about May of this year I backed up movies I purchased using Clone and AnyDvd in a reasonable amountof time. I rarely use this burner, but for some reason it has slowed down by over 50-60% when reading a disc. I have wiped the hard drive, checked all computer settings, and it is really slow when reading any disc. It used to be much faster. Other than the burner being super slow it runs reasonably fast on all other applications including the Internet. I have XP home edition.

Example: I bought “The DaVinci Code” and when the burner started to read it through AnyDvd & clone it stated the read would be 122 minutes! This was ONLY for the movie and no extra material. The movie runs about 155 minutes. Can someone help me figure out why this burner has slowed down so much. Any help is greatly appreciated.


try reading this

Same problems same issues with an older Sony DVD burner. Everything appears to be set up correctly.
My burning times have gone from about 20 minutes to an hour and a half??? What’s up???

Ivan Y -

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Perchance did you note Forum Members hobo10 suggestion in posting #2 in this thread?

Have you visited the CD Freaks dedicated Sony DVD Burner Forum ( and inquired there for assistance with your undisclosed Sony DVD Burner? In that Forum there are informed knowledgeable Forum Members that will be able to assist you with your problem.


Yes I have looked into Hobo10’s suggestion and again it is set up in DMA mode. My burner is a Sony DRX-530UL.
Up until real recently, I have been very happy with everything…Any DVD and my old Sony burner have backed up many copies of my DVD library in around 30 minutes total burn time. Now its up to an hour and a half. Any other suggestions??
It appears that I and WalkerI have the same issues. What changes has AnyDVD made that increases the burn times by 3,4 or even maybe 5X??? Something has definitely changed in the recent updates.

Ivan Y -

What indications are your receiving that leads you to believe that the AnyDVD software program is causing your slow burning times? If you suspect that the AnyDVD software program somehow causes your problem why have you decided to make your posting in the CloneDVD Forum and not the AnyDVD Forum?

Have you ensured that you have the newest up to date current Firmware installed in your DRX-530UL DVD Burner?

The Sony DRX-530VL is an External burning devise. Have you ensured that your USB or Firewire Drivers are current and up to date or have not possibly become corrupt? Have you ensured that your USB External cable or Firewire 1394 External cable is functioning properly and has not unknowingly become damaged?

Troubleshooting DVD Burner malfunctions are not in the scope of the CloneDVD Forum. Troubleshooting the Sony DRX-530VL DVD Burner problems would be better handled in the appropriate CD Freaks dedicated Sony DVD Burner Forum (


I have taken backup copies with no protection on them and made other copies. The Sony burner is still slow as a turtle. I don’t see how AnyDvd has anything to do with the speed. Either it works or it will tell you it can’t do the read.

did you try this
"If when you have restarted the computer one of the channels is back on PIO-Only mode the last thing you can try is to uninstall the channel from the Device Manager window. When you then restart the computer it will force windows to reinstall the drivers and hopefully use the DMA if available mode. (Added note: DO NOT delete the IDE channel if your hard drive containing Windows is also on that channel! An alternative to deleting the channel can be found in this thread. -C64K)"
it’s at the bottem of the post i said in post #2

I had a 530UL that I use to use. Had a bad cable which reduced the speed considerably. Replaced cable and all was well…