Need info on Liteon recorders

Do lite-on dvd recorders (5005, 5005x, 5006 etc)only have the vr record mode or do they also have a video record mode.?? From what I have read the VR mode is supposed to be more compatable with other players, but I find my RCA scenium won’t recognise it, but works ok with a finalized DVD recorded in video mode I am looking to buy another recorder that accepts a larger variety of DVD,s. Any suggestions or comments, or recomendations are welcome. I record alot of tv programs in the bedroom from dishnetwork and then replay them when time permits on the big screen in the living room. So compatibility is the number one concern

It is actually the other way round, DVDvideo mode has a higher compatibility than VR mode which the Liteons use. As a guide players of 4 or more years old do not like VR mode.

so true