Need info on dvd to hard drive to edit

I am in need of info on how to edit a DVD movie I just transfered a video tape I shot to DVD and now I need to edit it, I never did it before and I want to know If i need to transfer the dvd to my hard drive to edit and how do I go about doing this,and what is the best software to do simple editing of this dvd I did,
Please send the info to my e mail address
Thank you

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Need more info please. What type of camera did you use to record the video, and what format is it in? If you recorded it on a dv camera, you should be able to use firewire and capture it as dv-avi, then edit it, author/render it,and then burn it to dvd. If you captured it to a mini-dv or to a dv camera with a hard drive in MPEG format, you will either need to demux it to edit it, or use an mpeg editing software to make any edits.

I recorder the original tapes on Hi 8 analog than transfered them to DVD with the sony DVDirect unit, the dvds play on my dell with no problem but I need to edit that is why I need them on my hard drive,
for i can make a clean dvd for the people
thank you

I’m not familiar with sony dv-direct. What format is the file in now (avi, dv-avi, mpeg). If you aren’t sure, download and use GSPOT to view the file and post the information that it gives here. Then we should be able to offer more assistance.