Need info on CLASS group

I am talking about the Class cracking group.

Can anyone please tell me how to contact them or how they can “track me down”"?

Do they have a webpage or something?

Could you PM me any websites that have full version games and no porn banners or such?


If the CLASS group think that you are worth while, they’ll contact you…otherwise they just don’t :slight_smile:

lol, the last thing groups like class want is people asking those things
if u cant find them, dont worry, they dont need u
believe me, i have contact with some of those guys, so i just know

the only thing u might be usefull for is supplying games

and I thought I was paranoid

Well, I just had a T3 shellboxes to put to use. If I can’t contact Class, I’ll just join Myth as they have an IRC channel where I can find them.

Hey, I’m gonna get access to 0-day, ISOs, Gamez, Appz, just about EVERYTHING!

No more browsing Gnutella or porn-warez sites!

If you look in the newsgroups and ftp/fxp dump sites,
grab one of the zip files that have cls in front of it and look for an email addy. It used to be

Whether it is or not, I am not sure, I havent grabbed a class rip in a long time

As someone has already said that they will contact you if you are required. This will be my first post on this board and I dont want to sound like a nasty person but I dont think you have a chance of getting hold of them with that attitude.
It would be nice having them all in a little ICQ list or something to know what is going to be released on the scene next, but probably they dont want to come up from the undergroud.

Hmmmm darn I miss my old school cracking team. The Dream Team -=TDT=- kicked some much ass, that you would be begging to get some more G Wonder what ever happend to their leader Hardcore ?


Ps. But CLASS kicks ass too :cool:

Check PM