Need info on Cd-r Media

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this media…as I cannot find any information on it.

Thank you.

Considering how cheap it is I wouldn’t imagine it’s very high quality media.

Ok, would you recommend the BenQ gold cd-r’s or the Ritek Ridata’s?


Ritek Ridata’s, hmmm, they all seem to be full of errors at the end of a a data burn, not just the odd disk, but all. Audio seems Ok though, but not 100% perfect :frowning:

I for one will not be buying anymore :frowning:

If you are looking for CDRs of about the same price, try the new TDK 52x bluetops.

Only thing with these is they come out of three different places, Mitsui, Moser Baer and CMC. I have done CD Speed tests on all these TDK types, and they come out 100% better then the Ridata’s.

Disks where burnt with a Pioneer 108 on a Mac, then tested on a PC using Nero CD Speed.



Read the on-site reviews of that first media - FLAKY!

Might just as well try their 48x own brand - 50 cents cheaper (100pk) and it can’t be any worse!

Thanks guys, I’m glad I didn’t order them. I’m still considering the BenQ’s from that same site.

Any comments on these?
I want to try the TDK’s, but as you said they come from 3 different manufacturers, so I don’y know if I want to take a chance.