Need info on 2.88MB diskettes



I’ve heard of floppies that hold 2.88MB or having a 2.88MB format. How do you do this and can you do it with a regular 3.5" floppy drive?


To be able to use 2.88 mb disks:

  1. Make sure your floppy controller supports 1 mbps data transfer
  2. Buy a 2.88 mb compatible disk drive.
  3. Buy 2.88 mb disks.

2.88 disks are not compatible with 1.44 drives. :o


I haven’t seen 2.88 meg drives yet! Although every PC i’ve got since 1996 has this 2.88 MB option in it’s BIOS. Where the hell do u get 2.88 MB floppy drives?


The 2.88 meg floppy was an IBM idea.
Check at -
or -


Places to get 2.88 floppy drives/disks:

  1. Garage Sales
  2. Computer Trade Shows
  3. A “mom and pops” computer store
  4. Ebay!

Most luck with option 4.


Hey, do the drives work faster also? The 1.44MB drives read at 45 Kilobytes per second. I suspect the 2.88MB reads at 90K per second, right?




lol, i dont think so. thats like saying a 40 gb hd reads twice as fast as a 20 gb hd…

STR = (Number of surfaces * Sectors per track * 512) / ( 2 * Number of surfaces * Latency + (Number of surfaces - 1) * Head Switch Time + Cylinder Switch Time)

figure it out yourself, im too lazy =]


Well, you see, I thought that they read faster because Azoore said that you need a controller that supports 1Mbps and also I thought that the 2.88MB is just twice as compressed as the 1.44MB, right?