Need Info From Users Of One Of These 2 Recorders (LiteOn and Accurian)

Hello, I’m new to the site :iagree: (just thought I’d get that out of the way first). Anyways, I’m in the market for a DVD recorder and I came across 2 that caught my eyes (since stores no longer carry Pioneer 220’s :a ):

Accurian All Write DVD Recorder with 80GB Hard Drive (ADR-3223)

Lite On Progressive-Scan Multiformat DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW Recorder (LVW-1107HC1)

I’ve heard good things about the Lite On recorder, but I’m intrigued by a recorder with a hard drive. Since this is the only one I’ve found for sale near me (and it is my understanding that it is a Lite On recorder in disguise), I figured I’d ask for feedback on it here since RadioShack’s site is a little biased IMO.

Keep looking for the Pioneer 220s. I found two at a fairly low-traffic Wal-Mart in my area.