Need info about 1620pro

Hello everyone, happy Easter to all of you! I want to ask someone if you BenQ 1620pro owners can burn a dvd-r @ 4x and tell me, does disc have rings on it? :rolleyes:

If im informed correctly the pro is the same like the non pro 1620 just with 4x +R DL burning or am i wrong ?

if the burn turns out to be fine, no rings; if it is a coaster, it will definitely have rings

you can have ring like apperences on any burn greater than 4x as it may just show the speed shift ie dye coating is different due to higher speed this is normal in most cases and your burn will be fine. The only way to see if you have a coaster or not is to run CDspeed BLER test on the disk. If your getting rings on 4x burns then it is most likely cheap or defective media due to dye coating distribution.

I just ordered the BenQ 1620 (i think it is a good drive, as i saw in many scans) and i have nec 3520 at the moment i hate that OPC thing, even the media is verbatim it makes rings on discs, tdk, verbatim no matter what… at speed 4x. it is with the power calibration thing, but i want plain discs, so i will sell that nec and i think i will enjoy benq:) am i wrong?

I heard that 1620 produces less rings compared to NEC. (In fact, NEC at CLV will always produce small color changes, I believe.)

Nevertheless, even BenQ is not a ring-proof drive. I sometimes see it.
It is mainly due to the active WOPC such as laser power change, write speed change, etc. Not having a ring at CAV or PCAV is a good sign, I think, because it means the dye is very clean and regular.

Sometimes a ring region reports high PIE and PIF scan, I take it a bad sign. But it doesn’t mean rings solely distinguish a good disc from a coaster. Here’s one scan I used for a previous thread. This disc has a faint but visible ring at the outer part. Can you even see where it exists? :wink:

Too many people buy the “ring theory” or whatever.
Even Gollum may say you guys are “obsessed” to the precious(?) ring. :bigsmile:

burn fine without ring !!

I really don’t understand. I have rings on my pressed store bought DVD’s. Should i take them back to the store? What’s the big deal with rings? If the disk plays fine what’s the problem?

Well said rolling56.


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i am newbie, but what do u mean if it has ring or not? i just ordered benQ 1620 pro from newegg

no arguments with you on rings…as long disc plays well…i dun see what concerns the “rings” will give ppl??..

Concerns…? Maybe just curiousity, and I’m one of them. :smiley:

Can somebody tell me why this only happens on some media and at some ( 8, 10, and sometimes 16x) burn speeds.
looking at media, it doesn’t matter if it’s Yudens or crap noname CMC MAG´s, my ring is still there at 1.5GB mark. Note, only one smal ring on my discs.

[MacClipper and elee, can you addres this to BenQ.]

Why I wounder this? Simple, because from time to time it’s healthy to put up a more technical perspective to this in many aspects, allnearly to perfection boring drive. :slight_smile:

The rings that all of you are talking about Do not only occur with the BENQ drives. I’ve had them with my other burners which isn’t a big deal. As stated as long as the discs playback fine it is ok. I’ve had the rings on MAXELL, TAIYO YUDEN, MCC & TDK DVD MEDIA. I contacted Plextor regarding the rings when I got my first dvd burner. The same explanation that Jamos has given is the same that I got from Plextor tech support. Don’t make such a big deal about the rings on burned dvd media. If they work that is all that matters. Just my 2 cents! :wink:

I don’t know what drives you had, but it never occures on any of my other DVDRW drives… lol.

And in my case I’m not talking about the “burn phase” rings. Just one simple ring though. :slight_smile:

Only rings i see are on lead in and lead out with both my drives. Do the disks play fine? If they play fine is it an imperfection you just can’t live with?

None of my DVD players has any problem reading discs burned with my BenQ… :slight_smile:

I’t just a annoying anomalyty I would like to have answer to… lol. :wink:

Yeah i understand it’s just all these posts on rings…I thought everyone was having problems playing the ones with rings. Maybe i need rings to get into the dare thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus…adding some good media… it might help. :iagree:


I got NEC 2510a, 3520a, BENQ 1620 Pro. They make ring on disc sometimes on discs (whatever) at various speed (whatever). It’s hard to tell. Some expert tell me that when burn in high speed, the laser power will various at different region to compensation the velocity change at region ( to make the output more repliable), at the power change point, ring comeout. I never got any problem with disc that have ring(s) (fine burn one) .
Especially when play on my DVD player (it should be running at little bit over 1x).

The most problematic RING I got is just when I got married, still now can't get ride of it. Live with the RING pls.