Need inf about availability of TY DVD-R/+R media in the USA

I’m looking for information about where Taiyo Yuden manufactured DVD-R and/or DVD+R disks can be found in the USA, especially, if possible, in Southern California. (Brick-and-mortar stores are (probably) preferable to online stores, but I’ll be grateful for any leads at all.)

The disks I understand to be Taiyo Yuden manufactured are:

Plextor 4x DVD+R (and DVD-R?)
Fujifilm 4x DVD-R
That’s DVD-R and DVD+R
Verbatim DataLifePlus 4x DVD+R/-R labelled ‘Made in Japan’.

I hope that someone has some information about this. Thanks.

Don’t bet on the TDK, they also sell Maxell-made discs that are made in Japan, as does Maxell. though they have thus far been only 2x DVD-R.
The Fuji DVD-R TY is only in jewel cases, packs of 5 and 10.

I don’t know of any brick and mortar stores with them, but here is a small selection of online stores and what they offer: -R DVD 2x TY -R DVD 4x TY (100 packs only) -R DVD 4x TY in 50 packs (they also have Mitsui 4x -R) -R 4x DVD TY in 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 packs.

I haven’t seen any stores offering Taiyo Yuden +R disks of any speed. I’m going to start a search for the Plextor brand DVD’s here in a minute—maybe I’ll come up with something, but probably not.

No, the only stores I could find selling Plextor brand dvd’s online were located in Great Britain.

Does anyone know anything about the That’s brand?

“Thats” is TY’s own brand.

I did a little investigating, and found its called That’s Write. Seems to be common in Europe.

I did find one store in the US selling +R Taiyo Yuden disks—for $3.53 apiece before shipping—no thank you. Guess I’ll stick to my MCC Verbatims for a while longer.

If I’m not mistaken, “Thats” and “Thats write” are very different.

I’m not absolutely sure, but I think that That’s DVD+R/-R disks and That’s Write media are quite different animals altogether, the former being TY’s own house brand while the latter is an unrelated brand and, I believe, one with quite poor quality disks.

By the way, @Kerry56, what was the store you found with +R TY disks (if it’s an online store)? I’m looking for only a small number of disks, and cost isn’t an overwhelming factor (for once).

I’ll check the other online stores you mention - thanks for those.

Well thanks for the correction on That’s and That’s Write. I wondered why they were so commonly available in the European market.

The store with the TY +R disks was
But I was wrong on the price, its $3.56 each and minimum purchase looks to be 50 disks. Ouch!

I had never heard of this store before I started digging around today, so, as with all online purchases, I’d look them up on resellerratings before ordering anything.

Post if you find some better deals somewhere, cause I’m still trying to find a good source for those +R disks myself.

It appears that they have no DVD media available, in spite of the advertisement. I also wonder about someone who uses “Lead Data” and “TY” in the same sentance referring to quality media.
They could also use some help in the web-site design area.

That was certainly interesting. Once I saw the price at that site I didn’t try to click on anything to see if they had the disks. It doesn’t appear that they have dvd’s at all does it?
Definately a suspicious dealer.

Or, Bobby-Joe the web-site custodian is a bit behind.