Need IfoEdit help

I extracted 5 clips from various home DVDs using DVDShrink. This created 5 VOBs. I wanted to create 1 Title DVD with 5 chapters, so I copied these VOBs into 1 directory and numbered them from 1 thru 5. I then tried to use IfoEdit to create IFO and BUP files, but found no way to create chapters. So, I read forums and used VOBEDit to demux the files. That created one m2v and one audio file. I then went into IfoEdit and “authored new dvd”. I provided m2v, audio, and celltimes.txt. This created a new VOB file with proper chapters. However, it did not add audio to the file.

Does anyone know the correct procedure for creating the VOB using this method or any other tool that can do this?


I had 5 VOB files that I created with Divx2DVD and used ifoEdit instructions on this page:

I don’t remember now, but in [IfoEdit version 0.94 and later guide], you have to be careful how you name your IFO files and VOB files. This guide is linked at top of above guide.

There is a Guides page, which all above is linked from:

I followed the instructions closely and IfoEdit made “correct” IFO files for my 5 VOBs

Disc played in set top (Apex), and has chapter breaks, (which I created in Divx2DVD)
Older version of Divx2DVD would only create one VOB each time I used it. This is why I found the above page and used the instructions on the page.

The above method can be used to “compile” a DVD using any “loose” Vobs that you have, (as long as they will fit onto a 4.38 GB DVDR)
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Later Edit:
I found a word document that I made with instructions on:
“How to create a playable DVD with loose VOB files”
I’ll paste it here–>

Creating a Playable DVD with loose VOB files
Let’s say you have 3 clips, and they are named: VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB and VTS_03_1.VOB.

  1. Rename these 3 files to following order:
    VTS_01_002.VOB ----- NOTE Double Zeros

  2. Open the first VOB file (VTS_01_001.VOB) with VobEdit, and choose the Menu: ‘Edit -> Join
    Clips’ A filedialog will apear, where you have to specify a destination directory for the final VOB file-set.

A second dialog will pop up, where you have to specify a starting VOB-ID. Usually you will enter here a ‘1’
to let the TitleSet start with VOB-ID 1.
But if already have a TitleSet, and you want to create now a second, and later you want to
append it to the first one, then you should choose a higher VOB-ID number.
But I’ll explan that in detail later. So just enter here now a 1 - Joining begins now.
VobEdit is now looking for the first VOB-ID in the first VOB file, and exchanges it against our First-VOB-ID that we’ve specified.
For every new VOB file, the VOB-ID gets increased by 1.

When this is finished, you will have a new VOB file: VTS_01_1.VOB, or if you have joined more
files you will have a Title-Set from VTS_01_1.VOB - VTS_01_n.VOB.

Now just use IfoEdit to create new IFO files for this new Title-Set, and then you can burn
this to DVD-R.

Open IfoEdit. This guide is for IfoEdit version 0.94 and later.

Here’s a detailed example, how to create valid IFO files for a set of VOB files.
Below you can see that we have 2 VOB files:


Start IfoEdit, and press the button ‘Create IFOs’:
Since IfoEdit version 0.94, a dialog will apear where you may specifiy some options:
For regular IFO creations, simply leave the radio-buttons like they are.
(Both Top Radio Buttons Selected)
These other options will be needed if you’re having special VOB files that for example contain
So just specify the first VOB file of our 2 VOB files:
We want to have the new IFOs in the same directory, so check the box: ‘Same as source’:
IfoEdit scans now the VOB file(s) and collects all IFO-releated information:
After it has finished collecting all needed information from the VOB file(s), it creates two new IFO files:

Now we need to do some little modifications. Click on VTS_01_0.IFO, and you will notice that
the audio and subpicture attributes doesn’t have a language specified:
To change that, double click the audio-subpicture stream, to get a dialog:
Specify the language of this stream, in click ‘OK’:
Done for this IFO file. Because VIDEO_TS.IFO holds a copy of the title-set attributes, you
need to do the same in VIDEO_TS.IFO.
So select the VIDEO_TS.IFO in IfoEdit, and specify again the language for the two highlighted streams:
Save now your IFO file(s), and enjoy your movie.

But don’t forget to use the button ‘Get VTS Sectors’ before you’re going to burn your DVD±RW.
End of document.

I am bumping this thread because I haven’t got the solution from it. That Guide page no longer exists.

I can use IFOEdit to take the VOBs and make the DVD file structure, but it creates a DVD all one track. I cannot press NEXT to get to the video of the next VOB file.

How can I easily take VOBs and create a dvd file structure that treats each vob file as a separate title set or chapter (in any case, pressing next on the remote should work).

There is a similar thread here with no answer:

I hope there is a way to do this.