Need helpw/ Sony DVD RW AW-G107A firmware

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony AW-G170A / DRU-170C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi I’ve got issue with my dvd burner/player It’s A Sony DVD RW AW-G107A .Getting message I need to possibly update my firmware.Movies I’ve previously burnt with same pc sometimes does sometimes doesn’t acknowledge them.When it doesn’t it might take another it previously wouldn’t.You never know.Originals usually always detects right away, usually.Player has been working fine otherwise makes perfect backups of my movies.Sometimes one won’t play in dvd player hooked up to tv that I’ve backed up at an earlier date so I’ll then just re-rip it and usually all is fine,but not now…Mind you days at a time works fine,then I must get a movies with a sigle to screw up my player or something of that nature…So I’ve been getting message to check disc–always do—doesn’t matter(I know it does) this player has always read well,and as well tells me to update (or patch)my firmware,can’t seem to find update/patch.When I click on other program that tells my some info about my device the update link doen’t seem to help.My device is a --------Sony DVD RW AW-G107A------Firmware 1.74 Region code:1 Region control RPC2
Where can I find update,thanks for help