NEed Helps ... Unknow MID

I bought 50 discs of DVD+R branded M21 here.
They said it is local made for exporting …
(i nvr saw this brand and mid before, its MID is MICRON 001)

Seller claimed that they use Mitsubishi AZO Dye and using Sony glue
i think it is glue for sticking plastic together.

I think he doesn’t lie me because its recording side colour is very purple
(same as verbatim i have , but not too purple like RIDATA)

This is the speed that each writer can burn this disc
BenQ = 8X
Liteon = 8X
Plextor = 8X
Sony = 8X & 4X (upon model)
Asus = 4X
Pioneer = 4X
LG = 4X
NU = 8X
and Samsung = 2.4x
( i got this from seller )

I use my PIO 110D with Buffalo 8.39FW burning this disc
(because my pioneer doesn’t know this MID so it can be written only at 4x and 2.4x)
and the result is very perfect, sometimes it’s much better than

but i cannot bear burning disc at 4x . For me , at least should be 8x (for faster time:)).
So I use MCSE importing this disc MID by using information from DVD IDEN.
adding is sucessful, i put this MID instead of MCC 003 so MCC 003 is no more recognizing.
I use DVD IDEN copy data to clipboard and then click on MCC003 and then click import, paste the copied data, and then press SET…
In MCSE, it no more showing MCC 003 and shows MICRON001 at the same speed of MCC003

Its speed should be 4x 6x 8x and 12x.
But after I flashed my drive with DVRFlash and then restart my computer,
it shows 2.4x and 4x as before flashed…

Did i do anything wrong ?
At the same times, i changed strategy of DAXON AZ3 to MCC 004
it is ok, burning result is also changed, it gets worse… SO i don’t think the problem comes from flashing.

Pls help , thanks very much

…sry for my ENGLISH
this is the manufacture of this disc…

I don’t know how long it will last, but scanning result is very good even after 3 months…

์NoBody can answer ??

Hi guitarz,

I also bought 50 pcs from this same manufacturer. I can burn it well at 8x with BenQ, phillips & sony. For 110 D can you try flashing it with TY instead of MCC. It may give good results with TY.
All the best. Let me know the results and ur feedback.