Need helpfinding the proper tools to deal with this file

The specs for it are as follows…

Source: Digital Versatile Disc
Video Format: XCD
Codec Used: Xvid MPEG 4 Codec
Resolution: 576x352
Framerate: 23.976
Chapters: 7

Audio Format: Ogg Vorbis 44,100 Hz, Stereo
Encoder Used: Oggenc
Audio 1: English 84 kb/s
Audio 2: None
Subs: None
Size: 781MB

I’d like to convert it either back to normal DVD format or VCD/SVCD if possible, but nothing I’ve tried will touch it (though it plays fine in WMP).

Any ideas/suggestions???


Load the avi into NanDUB, select for Video Direct Stram Copy. For Audio select Full Processing Mode. Then for Audio Compression, select Compression and leave at “No Compression PCM”, then in File, hit Save AVI. You will now have an AVI file that all the conversion methods can handle no probs.

Thanks for the suggestion, but when I try to open it in NanDub, I get the following error…

MPEG Import Filter: Packet sync error on packet stream (209e5)

The filename ends with extension .dat, and I thought that might be the problem so I changed it to .avi but still get the same error.