Need help!

When using clone-cd is there a difference between copying original and pirated cd’s(as far as the settings that are used).

No it shouldn’t be a problem. CloneCD makes 1:1 copies and the back-up should be exactly the same as the original. However you can read this at the CloneCD site:

In theory - yes. CloneCD does real 1:1 copies, including all errors or other anomalies which might belong to a copy protection mechanism. You could think of CloneCD making something more like an analogue copy than a digital copy. However, you would need several generations to actually notice a difference.


It makes very good 1:1 Copies , but not the exact. Because to make an 1:1 Copy u need the same burner and the same cd the software has been burned on. Because of the starting point. Every burner makes it on different cds in an otherway. I mean that it starts that point later. Any CD-rom or like that don’t notice that. and for it its no differenz. So the CD works , but it isn’t a real 1:1 Copy, I think.


Only CloneCD can copy clone images unless you use an MMC Mode 2 compliant ISO imaging program, eh.

But it depends on how tolerant the protection is and the drive reading the software is. It is true to say that these are not EXACT backups but they are as close to the original as possible!!! Most drives should be able to copy a copy with no loss of quality, especially if the disk is written at a slower speed. It can also vary with CDR used as well as a multitude of other params but the fundamental thing is that as long as the cd adheres to the standard (within normal tolerances) then it should be indistinguishable from the original. Test this with a copy and an original and use CD Verifier (you know where it is available) and compare checksums. My money is on the fact they are identical!!!:cool: