Need help

having trouble my writer does all i have read movie with it then it pops out and i burn with it put when it goes to read the movie its saids dective writable media in drive this is when movie is in driva nt blank disc need know how to fix i done try clean dvdfab and reinstalling

what do you have set for your source and target drives?

And what version number of DVDFab?

im using dvdfab6 new one my problem ismy dvd drive has changed itself my dvd drive was d and e now it change f and g it does not reconize how can i change it back

there are methods of changing the drive letters and paths using windows computer management.

however the drives would not just change by themselves unless drives have been recently installed or removed. have you recently added any usb drives, hard drives, dvd drives, media card readers, virtual drives such as with Daemon tools?