[ Need Help ]!



I have some game discs protected by StarForce 3.3
I want to copy and give them to my friends

I know a programm called StarForceCopy, I know it use a cfg file
but HOW TO FIGURE OUT THE NUMBER at line 4 and 5 (I have tired BusHound , but it seems don’t work) ?
what is SPR?

Also I have other discs protected by Higher version SF , but just a little can be figured out the line 4 & 5
Why? And why someone else know ?

Wait for answering,thanks.:bow:

(Pardon for my language problems.)


You can make backup copies, but if you give those away while keeping the originals to yourself, you’d be breaking copyright laws. In any case, your request violates forum rules and forces me to close this thread.

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