Need Help

Have Dell running Windows 2000 Professional with LG CED 8080B CD-RW –
moved files from C drive to CD; can see that move was completed and files are there but cannot eject the CD. Can you help?
Thanks so much


You should indicate the kind of disc you’re using, file system format and burning software.
If you give all these details it is natural someone will answer you.
Just some immediate tips (if of any use…)
If iy is UDF file sys and a RW disc being used as a large floppy, try going to Explorer, right clik the mouse over the drive letter and press on “eject” down the pulldown menu.
If it is a mechanical failure, look for a small hole on the front of the drive and use a papper clip to try to open it.

Good luck

My CD is an IMATION CD-R 700MB; I tried your suggestions with no luck. I deleted all the files on CD and then was able to eject. Weird! (I guess you can tell I’m not terribly computer literate.)
Thanks so very much for trying to help.

You probably didn’t write them. You put the files into the storage folder where you could start writing.