Need Help

Hi, I don’t ever record anything onto a CD, but I would like to put a music theme that is on a DVD backup copy. I don’t understand how to take the music only from the DVD player and input it onto another DVD player that claims to be able to do this. The end result is to play the CD on my CD player/DVD player to enjoy the music theme.

Here’s the scenario: I bought a movie. I backed it up with Clone/AnyDvd and it plays great. Can someone tell me how to do this? I do not have a CD recorder. My Sony DVD recorder says it will record a CD, but the directions are so complicated I don’t get it. They’re talking about CDs with +R & CDs with +RW format. I sure don’t understand why we have so many formats, but I can use a hand on this one. Thanks guys.

I am really having a hard time understanding what you want to do. Please try again to explain, with just a few words, what it is you want to do.

I am trying to record some music off of a DVD backup copy onto a CD to play on my DVD player.

If anyone knows how to do this it would be here. Good luck, from what I understand what you want to do, extract just the music from a video DVD, can be hard if not impossible.

There’s several ways to do this, try rip full disk to hdd,then use Super to convert to MP3
audio only backup,burn with burrrn or similar burn proggie…
Or rip with DDDecrypter in ifo mode,it’ll give ac3 files which you can convert to wav or mp3 with say,Belight or mediacoder or similar audio encoders…
There are of course proggies like DVDFab Platinum,a great 1-clicker IMO.
“different strokes for different folks”… :slight_smile: