Need Help!

Hi everyone,
I just recently purchased DVD region+CSS free so that I could do backups of encrypted disk. I’m using DVD X-Copy Platinum and have had no problems doing backups of unencrypted disks. I have been using Maxell DVD+R media and Sony DVD+R media.
When I start DVD X Copy, DVD region+CSS auto boots and is enabled.I have had variable results seven tries and seven new disks. the first two times it went through the complete process of backup and said copy complete two different movies same results with both when I put the disk in to play I got a blue screen system crash. since then it did complete copy, when I try to play it said no disk in drive, they’re unreadable even in Desktop explorer. I’m using a HP dvd840i SuperMulti DVDWriter with LightScribe. Last couple trys I’ve gotten variable read errors, disk unrecordable. Dvdmovie Disk looks and plays fine. I’ve been using system defaults on software. Any ideas!

You are using 2 decrypters at the same time causing conflicts. DVDXCOPY has a decryper built in and not sure if it can be turned off.


Thanks, BigMacnc
I didn’t realize DVD X Copy had a decryption ability. However after reading some post had decided to upgrade to DVD Fab platinum. One other thing that comes to mind is it necessary to have DVD region+CSS free installed? when it looks like DVD Fab has decryption built in.

You can run DVD region+CSS behind DVD Shrink or Nero Recode just like AnyDVD…no need for X copy.

It’s ok to have DVD region+CSS free installed, but it’s unecessary and redundant. Definitely do not have region free enabled or running along with other fab apps, you’ll encounter conflicts for sure, as they have the same core decrypter.

As a rule, never have more than one decrypter running at any one time. An exception…myself and others have had great success running AnyDVD with fab…there are multiple threads about this if you do a search. Again, this is unnecessary and certainly not endorsed by all…just my personal opinion.

Hope this helps.

Fab Platinum does not need DVD region+CSS free because built in decrypter is the same and could cause a conflict.


Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the shared input. One note about DVD region+CSS free is that in the settings you can add and remove supported programs DVD X Copy is in the supported program list, among many others. So I don’t understand why there should have been conflicts if the program is supposed to be supported. Now I have bought a $40.00 program that I don’t need. Because DVD Fab platinum has it built in.
another thing, I had a few disk waiting to be backed up as soon as I got things in working order. However one of the disk, I kept getting read errors at random times during the copy process over four tries. Could someone tell me or direct me to a post that covers read error settings and how to manage a difficult disk using DVD Fab platinum. So on the fifth try, when the read warning came up I clicked ignore all this seem to have worked. But I’m sure that this would have varied results. btw thanks again.

I don’t think you will regret buying DVD Platinum. The version 3 will be out soon as of now it is being beta tested and you can test it free. Look in the [B]Read Frist[/B] threads. I bought a custom bundle when I first purchased, but never used any except the Platinum. I will eventually have a use for the others.