Need Help!

I have cloneCd but i cannot run my copied doom3 cd. It will let me install it, but it will not let me play it. What do i need to do? I have a- ray scanner but im not sure what i should do with that or what all else i need. A-ray scanner says that it has safedisk 3.20.022. my drive is a nec dvdv rw nd-3520A. PLease reply and help me!!!

do you still have your original game disk, if so insert it and play it with that.

welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

lol…real nice… of course i have the real cd…duhhh… i copy the disks to back them up incase summthin were to happen, but i dont need help anymore. all i had to do is run the emulator when i played the disk. im all set now.but, does anyone now have any suggestions on what pc game i shuld play next? I have played: fear, quake 4, half life, half life 2, doom 3 and thats bout it. please give any suggestions… anything except rpg games. they are soo G**!!!

i can’t get away from Call of Duty + the add on, the best online gameing for me. CoD 2, i think is not so good.

i asked if you had the original (you never mentioned it you had it duhhh) cause some ppl ask about there game asking for the orignal cd and they don’t know what to do next, but there’s are mainly downloaded games and we can’t help them if it is.

o0o ok ic. i have the main real cd, but i have everything working good now. I cannot get away from Half life 2. OMG!!! I think that is the best games ever made.

I need help again. I am trying to copy the first cd of kights of the old republic 2. It says it has secrurom protection, but i cant copy it. it will run some, but i cant play it. help again please!

nvm…i figured it out now!!finally…has ne one heard about the new half life 2:aftermath? is it going to be a regular game or is it going to just be an add on where you onli git a lil more?