Need HELP!

I just bought a LG DVD burner (4163B) , and along wiht it I bought some Fujifilm DVD-R (8x and made in taiwan) as well. While the burned DVDs played successfully on the computer, it skips when played on 2/4 of my standalone DVD player all the time and sometimes on the other 2. Ive tried writing at a slower speed, cleaning the heads of the DVD players but that still wont work. So I was wondering if its a problem with my DVD burner or the DVD-Rs? Thanks for helping

the media code of those is prodiscf01 (crap) so its gotta be the medias , i suggest youll get taiyo yuden medias they are the best and have very wide compatbility , if your from usa you can get em from rima if from europe digitalpromo or svp if from canada blankmedia

I totally agree with Phil… Only buy Made In Japan Media, and preferably, FujiFilm, Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim Mcc03 or Mcc04’s. Anything else is a crap shoot.

actually, media code is fujifilm03

i guess fuji outsources to two taiwanese manufactureres then , ive been doing some research and that mediacode is ritek made so its likely crap aswell

The fujifilm i referenced above is media code for Taiyo Yuden TY002.