Need help



I been for a while trying to fit a 3hr movie on a single dvd.Can somebody help me please.I read alot of threads and help files.I tried dvd santa,but it took about 3hrs to fit on a dvd but there was no audio that came out.I have nero also can somebody help me.I got the video on my computer buts its about 11 gigs .Thanks so much


What format is it in on your PC?

You might give DVD Shrink a try.


Also if you want a very simple program at a low price I can swear by CloneDVD.


when i copy it to my computer it comes out mpg1 but i cant burn it.Also how do i convert to a format that I can burn it or what program


still need help anybody


Ok, so you have a retail DVD, DVD9 I assume. When you copy it with dvdShrink it came out as a MPG file?


i need help jsut enw with this stuff…i have a movie widescreen n some black thing on top n bottom i think its called letterbox or sumthin anyway i want to knw how to remove that black thing n convert the widescreen to full screen thx…
peace n god bless