Need Help

Hey guys I am in the process of downloading all of The OC season 2 episodes (8.15 gigs worth.) I was wondering if there was a way to make my own DVDs out of these instead of forking over 50 bucks or so for the dvds. They are all hdtv quality so it will look good on the tv. Is there a way to make it so that each episode (however many I can fit on a blank dvd) is a different chapter? I use Nero and DVD Shrink. I know how to use those pretty good but I am rather dumb on other burning ways. I believe I have to convert each .avi file (each episode is its own .avi file) to dvd files (using AVI Converter). I think I would have to use AVI Joiner to join 4 or 5 episodes together so then I just convert that one big avi file to one dvd file (using AVI Converter) Like I said above, I want to know if there is a way to make each individual episode a different chapter. If there is anything else I need to download I will. Sorry If I confused any of you but ANY help would be appreciated. Thnx! If you need any other help with trying to answer my question, ask and ill answer.

What version of Nero are you using? the version i have gives me the option to create Chapters before i start the burn process - i’m sure its at the same point that you create menu’s.