Need Help!



As of late i have troubles with burning cds and dvds on my 3 drives:
Teac cd-w552e
Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S
Pioneer A107 (offline cause i bought the lite-on 2 c if at least the dvd burner
prob is gone)
All updated 2 latest firmware.
OS Windows 2000 pro + Service pack 4
Nero v6.6.0.8
New motherboard since the last 1 got bios flash failed, note: the prob was
also on the old motherboard.
The Trouble is the buffer on the drives and on nero jump wildly from full
2 none, but no buffer underrun thnx 2 buffer protection tech, so the burns
take atleast 3 times linger then they should.
Any help plz?


A little more info needed:
MB make & model
CPU speed
Installed memory
Programs running in the background
IDE drivers (M$ or VIA or ?)
Is DMA enabled on IDE channels?
Answer those questions and someone will be right in to help you.

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AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
512mb pc3200 kingston 400mhz 1 slot
Asus A7V600-X motherboard
VIA IDE and no DMA Enabled, hard drvies r on main IDE and optical drives r
on secondery IDE, all r mastered and slaved correctly.
3 HDs: MAxtor 80gb, Quantom fireball 30gb and Westran Digital usb 120gb
all not fragmanted.
Programs running = none, nero takes all the cpu cycles.


Looks like it’s done to DMA not being enabled. There are plenty of posts regarding enabling it. Just do a search.


Hmm… k thnx will try