Need Help

I need some help with booktypes and how to make a dvd+r to a dvd-rom.
I would like to know if there are any programs that can runs separate from the burning program to change the booktype to dvd-rom. a program like anydvd just change the booktype. I would like to find a program that can do this because the program that im using (Clone DVD 2) does not have the option. Also what other programs are there that could do this.

Another problem that im having is with recoding dvds whenever i try it just playes everything in order and theres no more menus or anything it just keeps playing. Does anyone now what im doing wrong. I used DVD Shring and Nero For this.

Thank You

What burner are you using? some manufacturer’s have utilities for setting booktype.

I have a LG GDA-4163B. But if there is a burner out ther that can change the booktype i would want to get it.