Need Help XP Home to XP Pro



Hi All

I am running XP Pro on my desktop PC and XP Home on my laptop, both have Service Pack 2.

Can I use the Win XP Pro Disk that came with my desktop to upgrade the laptop from XP Home to XP Pro version? :doh: :doh:

If so, will everything on the laptop be unchanged other than the operating system? :confused: :confused:

Any help is appreciated. :bow: :bow:


Possibly you can, but the license doesn’t allow this.

The operating system may only be installed on one system, unless you have a multi user license.


Taken from the xp eula

You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Product on a single computer,
such as a workstation, terminal or other device (“Workstation Computer”). The Product may not be used by
more than two (2) processors at any one time on any single Workstation Computer. You may permit a maximum
of ten (10) computers or other electronic devices (each a “Device”) to connect to the Workstation Computer to
utilize the services of the Product solely for File and Print services, Internet Information Services, and remote
access (including connection sharing and telephony services). The ten connection maximum includes any indirect
connections made through “multiplexing” or other software or hardware which pools or aggregates connections.
Except as otherwise permitted by the NetMeeting, Remote Assistance, and Remote Desktop features described
below, you may not use the Product to permit any Device to use, access, display or run other executable software
residing on the Workstation Computer, nor may you permit any Device to use, access, display, or run the Product
or Product’s user interface, unless the Device has a separate license for the Product


Also, home users do not very often need the extended administrative features, that XP Pro has in advance to XP Home.
But many install it anyway (violating the license) just to be cool…



My question was why do you think you need XP PRO.


So my son who lives in another state can have access to some files I have located on the laptop via Remote Desktop


I’m quite sure I heard of somebody at work trying to do this but couldn’t or had some difficulty (that’s quite vague isn’t it, sorry).

If XP Pro is a necessity, then do it, but as others have mentioned, consider the licence.


There are better (more efficient) & cheaper ways to do this.
Look up virtual private networks & then share the folders/ files he needs access to :wink:
Remote desktop across multiple( firewalled) sites can hardly be easier to setup than a VPN :wink:

Free software is available to do this, and it doesn’t violates your EULA.


yeah you can. just when you come to the formatting screen just say rewrite or w/e and it will isntall the new batch without having to reformat unless you want to. make sure you have a key and all that great stuff