Need help xbox360creator, 360 disk not loading

Why isnt it letting me dump xbox360 files using xbox360 creator please help asap…

start button is disabled… (XBox Backup Creator v2.8.0.275 … which is newest version) … are you using this?

what are you using to dump the games? … you can use either a Kreon drive or the XBox360 drive itself (especially with the recent ‘iXtreme v1.6’ firmware (for the XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive) that was just released a day or so ago)

p.s. and as far as i can tell if your using the XBox360 drive itself to do it… your probably going to need to use the onboard SATA as i never had any luck with XBC working with a VIA 6421 SATA card.

Ive got the XBC 2.3 mabey thats why. I just sent my xbox away to be flashed so i was just experimenting from this tatorial, but i havent even got passed the first step.

This tutorial will help you do your X360 and Xbox1 backup using Xbox Backup Creator. XBC will also burn your X360 Backup using the XBCr burning engine or using imgburn by calling Imgburn for you with all the adequate parameters.

If you require to install these applications see the third post of this thread.

1-Open XBC ,
2-Select your ripping drive like Kreon (IDE =SH-D162C and TS-H352C; SATA =SH-D163A and TS-H353A) or Samsung/Benq drive**(FW xtreme800 as per Using A Ms28 For ripping ). Note that Hitachi do not allow to extract valid SS and therefore games
3-Place your game in the drive, (It will see the small video partition of a few MB)
4-Press Start (with “Complete Backup**” selected), select the directory and enter a name
5-When completed, you will get a 7 651 848KB ISO ( or 7.29GB) or 7,651,262KB depending on the x360 games. If you do not activate the Splitvid then the files will be 7,395,392KB or 7.05GB. The .iso for Xbox1 will be 7,258,816KB (or 6.92GB) without splitvid.
6-You can verify the stealth/iXtreme compliance as described below in the second post of this thread



1-Open XBCr* , select IMGBURN as burning engine
2-Select your burning drive ,
3-Place a blank DVD+R DL the drive, and select writing speed (slower is not better, typically burn verbatim 2.4x at rated speed and verbatim 8x at rated or 4x) If the start button remains grey, you have not selected the proper drive or do not have a DVD +R DL in the drive.
4-Press Start , select the .ISO file you have just created (or the .DVD which will not make a difference here)
5-Imgburn will start (and sometime tell “You should have selected the dvd file…”), click OK
6-When completed, imgburn will close, enjoy FPRIVATE

as far as burning just directly use ImgBurn ( itself (MODE > WRITE) and then load up the .DVD file into ImgBurn and then burn @ 4x (2.4x in some cases)

but the question i ask you is… do you have a ‘Kreon Drive’? (if not there’s pretty much no other reliable way to make a XBox360 game backup besides using the XBox360 drive itself (using the XBox360 drive itself requires opening up the XBox360 case and connecting the SATA cable to the 360 drive and then to your PC))

if you got a Hitachi drive that currently does not have iXtreme v1.6 which just came out a day or two ago.

i got a Samsung MS28 myself and i can use that to make backup’s prior to iXtreme v1.6 but i had to flash a file named ‘xtrm0800.bin’ to the drive just to get XBC to detect it inside Windows and after you do all that and backup your game disc data you would have to reflash it back to iXtreme to resume playing original game discs or backup discs. (even though this method WILL WORK, it’s not really practical for general use since you would always be constantly opening up the XBox360’s case to reflash different firmware revisions to it and connect it to the PC’s sata etc etc. i think you get the point :wink: )

[B]NOTE: you cannot use your PC’s standard DVD-ROM to make backup copies of your original XBox360 game disc’s![/B] … and to sum it up since you did not mod the 360 yourself… odds are you wont be able to use the XBox360 itself to make backup’s since you apparently dont want to open up the XBox360. so in other words… your pretty much going to need to buy a Kreon drive (roughly 50 dollars on ebay and it goes into your PC (it has special firmware on it to allow it to read original XBox360 game discs)) to make backup copies of your original xbox360 game discs with XBC (Xbox Backup Creator)

No i havent got a Kreon drive… is it hard to take out the xbox360drive?

well assuming that guy puts iXtreme v1.6 on your drive and assuming it’s a BenQ/Samsung/LiteOn in it (which it has to be otherwise iXtreme v1.51 is the newest version for Hitachi’s which dont support ‘game ripping’ (i.e. copying original game discs)… but basically Hitachi is the ONLY drives that dont have iXtreme v1.6 out for it at the moment) … you most likely will have either a BenQ or Lite-on in your XBox360 is my guess if it’s MFG Date is recent (this, will tell you what drive you got in your XBox360 without opening up the case :wink: ). but anyways…

opening the XBox360 can be a problem if you dont have the right tools. i got a unlock kit for mine (i got it for $4.99 from a back in early 2007 (i dont think that site is still running though right now), which is when i first moded my XBox360) so it makes opening the XBox360 case MUCH easier than without it. there is XBox360 case opening tutorials online if you want to look into it… but basically for a beginner i would not recommend attempting to open the backside of the case without the unlock kit for it since it might be easier to break the plastic on it etc etc. (p.s. to bad it’s not nearly as easy as the original XBox1 console was to open :wink: )

but basically once the case is off the XBox360 you dont actually have to physically remove anything from inside the XBox360. all you basically do is remove the SATA connector from the back of the DVD-ROM drive inside the XBox360 and then connect it to your PC’s SATA port (and use the XBox360 itself to power the drive) (im assuming you got SATA ports on your PC’s motherboard) and then do a few other odds and ends and then XBC will detect it in windows.

but like i say using the XBox360 drive itself to read the game data back onto the PC, even though it will work, is not really practical for everyday use since it’s time consuming to open the XBox360 case every time you want to copy a original game disc! (but if money is low, this is a option if you dont mind constantly opening up the XBox360. lol)

p.s. keep in mind i never tested the game ripping abilities in iXtreme v1.6 as it just came out. as the only direct experience i have with game ripping is with Samsung MS25/MS28 (there the exact same hardware, just different firmware) and onboard SATA with the ‘xtrm0800.bin’ firmware flashed to the Samsung so XBC can see it. (like i said i never had any luck getting it to work on a VIA 6421 chipset which is generally recommended when flashing BenQ/LiteOn/Samsung XBox360 drives. ( , that’s the exact one i have myself and it works great on Samsung/BenQ XBox360 drives and it should work well on Liteon to… it’s mainly for FLASHING the drives firmware not really recommended for XBC related stuff.)

p.s. the ‘unlock kit’ comes with a torx screwdriver (which is needed once you get the basic plastic shell off) and a steel type piece that’s designed to open the back side of the plastic case on the XBox360.

Thanks NBR for your time…