Need help with words

Can anyone please direct me to website about words, I tried to convert my words to different formats, cause my resume everytimes i tried to email to employer they request particular format eg. rtd, otherwise it come out funny i mean disgusting, i’m quite new with words as well, so help me!!!

Just to clarify - are you asking about Microsoft Word documents?

yes microsoft word documents, i apology for not specific, thanks for your reply!!!

No problem!

OK, I’m assuming you have Word installed. Open up your Word files, and for each one, click Save As.

Then, in the File Types drop-down box, choose .rtf. I hope you meant .rtf files in your original post!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, i give it a try!!!

One of the best tricks is to save them as Word 97 .doc. (in File Types) Word 2003 is not very compatible with previous versions and vice versa. Word 97 is a slightly more formatted version of .rtf (M$'s Flavour) and therefore very compatible. If however the default client isnt Micro$oft Word you will have to go .rtf.:slight_smile:

thanks a lot you guy, you all been a great help, could have thank you guy earlier but been very busy with something else.