Need help with with copying dvds

I have been using clone dvd2 and the newest version of anydvd and have had trememdous results. That was until recently. My copies have been breaking up and have brief pauses in them. The first 25 I did were perfect. My dvd burner is a tsstcorp dvd± 532 b. I am using sony dics. I guess I am going to try plugging in my liteon external burner again because it was not giving me any problems.( CHANGED BURNERS BECAUSE THATS THE ONE ON MY LAPTOP TSSTCORP) My home computer is very slow and wanted to do things faster so I bought a laptop. Please help !!!

Burn at 4X and try some different quality media.

Switched back to using my lite-on external dvd burner and went and got some Sony accucore dvd+r discs and changed write speed and everyting is going great. Thanks!!!