Need help with wiring problem

Hello everyone.

I have two different HP Pavilion series Laptops and one has a bad power charger and the other has a broken psu plug port. Both of these laptops have been stripped for parts but have enough left to combine together to make a simple home server for myself. It’s not worth it to me to buy anything to replace the broken parts, this is just a learning project.

My question relates to the connectors for the psu plug ports. One has a 4-pin connector with the wire colors (from left to right) orange, red, brown and black - and the other is a 5-pin, with colored wires, red, white, gap (no pin or wire), black and yellow. I need to splice the 4-pin wires that belong to the working plug port to the 5-pin wires that connect to the motherboard.

Can I splice and solder these wires together so I can use the functioning charger and plug port? I checked to make sure the voltage requirements were the same but I can’t find any information to accurately tell me the proper way to splice the correct colored wires together.

Also, since the laptop only has 2GB RAM and an AMD Dual Core - Can anyone recommend a Windows OS that will not require more than that to operate smoothly but can still work with my existing network that has various Win 7 OS’s?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Have a check on the motherboard to see if there are any voltage markings, e.g. “+12v”, “Ground”, etc. next to the PSU pins. Without knowing what voltage goes to what pin, it’s extremely risky to try guessing what voltage goes where. The wire colours generally don’t dictate voltage either, e.g. a green wire could be a totally different voltage between one power supply and another. For example, if you attach a wire with 12v to a pin that takes 5v, it will likely permanently blow the motherboard along with just about anything attached to it (RAM, HDD, etc.)

If you don’t see such markings, try dismantling the “black box” part of the broken power supply to see if the wires are voltage marked at that end.

Otherwise I would suggest picking up a cheap charger off eBay for that laptop and using a multimeter to check the voltages of the pins, so you know what voltage goes to what pin on the laptop’s PSU connector.

Once you do have it wired, install the bare minimum hardware necessary for the laptop to turn on, i.e. a single low capacity stick of RAM and leave out the HDD and don’t attach anything to any USB port. This way if a pin is miswired, you minimise what could be blown.

I haven’t done anything like this with a computer but I’ve done some projects with other electronics . I’ve also replaced some capacitors on a MB. So not a complete novice.

Agreeing with Seán on knowing the voltages.Adding to that . You need to know that each wire connected to the 5 pin psu plug port goes to the same place internally in the psu plug port as it did in the 4 pin psu plug port .

Next [B]if[/B] you could get a wiring diagram from the computer manufacturer it would help.

Here’s my question a picture posting of both sides of power port your asking would help alot and also know what model your talking about would help those that do fixit know what your asking about? No pictures about the repairs in questions makes any kinda of meaningful help any helpful…