Need help with .VOB file please

Hi, I have been downloading movie files and everything has been fine untill I just downloaded this Torrent file that downloaded as a bunch of .VOB files. I have DVD Decryptor and DVD Shrink it and Nero Ultra 7 edition and I can’t get any of these programs to handle the .VOB files. Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to recompile these .VOB files to burn to DVD.

You should probably read this post

I´m in the middle of a similar problem too, and it seems ripit and co know what they´re on about.

Vob files are used by standard dvd video. You also need bup and ifo files for dvd. The vob files are the actual video and sound, the other files provide information for the menus, instructions on what files to play and in what order, etc. If the bup and ifo files are missing, you will have to reauthor it to replace the missing files. There are several ways to do this, but one of the easier ones is to import all the vob files at one time, into nerovision express, then use it to create the menus and such. Be aware, nerovision express does not compress like shrink or recode. If the content is larger than what will fit onto a single layer dvd, nero vision express can reduce the bitrate (manually reduce quality or whatever nero calls it), or you can just write it to a hard drive folder and then use shrink or recode or whatever to compress it.
Also be aware, vob files are mpeg files. All you have to do is change the .vob extention to .mpg and you have an mpeg file that will work with any programs that can use mpeg. Use vob files first with nero express though, as it does not reencode them (I’m not sure if you can reduce bitrate doing this way or not but it is substantially faster). if you change them to .mpg files, nero can for sure reduce bitrate (it has been sugested that compressing later is beter though), but it will reencode mpeg files and that takes hours to do.